Gearkom is a young, vibrant player in the technology distribution business in the Middle East. We understand the pulse of today's technology industry, and aim to become a one-stop resource for a comprehensive suite of products and services for various business channels.
We are a customer-focused organization committed to ensuring choice, true value and the highest standards of customer satisfaction at all times. Gearkom represents a select number of high-profile international brands. We firmly believe in long-term relationships and our partners have more than 20 years of expertise and experience in delivering to the markets of this region. Major retailers, hypermarkets and specialty stores across the region stock our range of quality products.
Our strength also lies in our highly experienced staff of business professionals with proven track record who are dedicated to managing key accounts and regions. As an innovative, technology driven company, Gearkom is committed to delivering world-class products and excellent service to our partners to give them an edge in catering to the end-user needs and demands.
Gearkom is constantly seeking out like-minded, new partners with impressive brand portfolio to meet the growing demands of the consumers in the region.
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